We often show off final logos when they are complete. Well today we are sharing what you don’t see when you see a final logo…  All the steps that came before. This logo is for Imagination Iowa, a great K – 12 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) program out of NewBoCo in the Geonetric Building. They wanted to update the icon for the logo from a previous version that used an illustration of a lion, that we did as well. But they wanted it to look older, so we set forth and did just that. Here’s some of what took place.

We start with a conversation. What are you about? What things do you like? What things do you not like? Are there any unique variables we need to be aware of, and so on… We really want to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients to best understand them. (Not literally in their shoes though. That just seems weird). Once we’ve had this conversation we roll it around in our heads some and start to generate simple ideas.  

Generally we like to show at least three unique concepts. Peoples tastes vary greatly, so showing concepts that differ from each other is very important. But at the same time, you walk away from the original meeting with an idea of where it needs to fall in regard to expectations. So finding that balance between what the client is expecting, and how many different ways you can approach that is the challenge (and the best part). Once a logo is chosen we take any feedback and move forward. There can be a lot of, “It’s so close, but let’s try one more thing”. The narcissists in us love it when we finally get to “that’s the one!” So take a look, and hopefully you enjoy the part you DON’T see in most logos… everything else.


The client was happy with the type treatment, so we focussed only on the icon. Here, we show the the variations we created that where not chosen. There are four distinct ideas here, with variations of a few after client feedback.


This was the chosen icon. It started with a very rough sketch. Then after it was digitized, we worked back and forth with the client until we got to the one that was chosen.


This is the final logo.

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