Five Twelve Creative is John and Josh.  Just the two of us.  But we are very fortunate in that we work in the coolest collaborative working environment in the region.  Vault Coworking & Collaboration Space in the Geonetric Building, in the New Bo district of Cedar Rapids.  While we only rent the space that the two of us need, we share access to great facilities.  Printers, conference rooms, a great kitchen, ping pong table, and even free soda!  

But that’s only the beginning.  All the people here are startups, innovators and small businesses.  And are all great people.  And there are so many great programs that surround this space that we have been so happy to be a part of and do logos for (among other things).  It all starts with NewBoCo, who is the umbrella organization to all these great things.  They run the Iowa Startup Accelerator which brings startups from all over the world to learn ho to get their startup to the next level.  And Iowa BIG  is a high school housed in this professional environment to get kids to learn from true professionals in a very progressive way.  NewBoCo also runs Imagination Iowa and Iowa Girls Code Camp which are great programs for younger kids.  And of course Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids which is a weekend long experience in which people go in with an idea and come out with fledgling company.  We have been so jazzed to have done logos and other materials for all of these entities, just to have been a part of so many cool things.  

So come visit us and we’ll show you around.  Five Twelve wants to show off our digs!