And it rocks!

We have been very fortunate in our first few years in business together to have worked with a lot of great people, designing great projects for them. We manage to stay pretty busy, which is obviously a great thing and we’re very thankful for it.

The only downside of staying busy with client work, is that we often end up putting our own self-promotion work on a back burner. Where it sits. And sits. Like many creatives, we’re our own worst client.

But this new website is a big step toward fixing that. We’ve created a new portfolio to show off some of the work and great clients that have kept us so busy. (And make sure you click into each project to see some more images and read a bit about it.) We’re also going to be posting on this News page about projects we’re involved in, events we’re a part of, and basically anything that we think you might find interesting. And down the road, we’re planning on adding a Store page where you can buy our t-shirt designs directly from this site.

Big shout out to Josh McNary of McNary Marketing and Design for helping us get this site off the ground! Without his help, it would still be something “we’ll get around to someday.” So thanks, Josh!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As we post more portfolio images and news here on the site, we’ll be getting the word out through our social feeds. And if you have any feedback on the site, please let us know!